Life cycle ofa asian elephant

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Proboscidea Family: mammal family Subtribe: Elephantina Genus: PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Alter 2004)(Fowler & Makata 2006) (Hutchinson et al 2006)(Manoussaki el al 2007) (Mariappa 1986) (Shosani1992) (Shoshani & Eisenberg 1982) (Sukumar 1989) (Yokoyama et al 2005) BEHAVIOR & ECOLOGY (Eltringham 1991) (Fernando and Lande 2000) (Hart et al 2001) (Mc Kay 1973) (Moss 1990) (Moss et al 2011) (O'Connell-Rodwell 2001) (Payne & Langbauer 1992)(Poole 1996) (Pringle 2008) (Rasmussen and Krishnamurthy 2000) (Santipelli &Suprahman 1986) (Schulte 2006)(Shoshani & Eisenberg 1982) (Sukumar 1989) CONSERVATION AND POPULATION position (Asian macrocosm Conservation Foundation 2008) (Blake & Hedges 2004) (Choudhury et al.

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Elephant Birth Cycle - Asdnyi

Unusual for mammals, the testicles of elephants are located inside the body, appressed to the kidneys. The male’s reproductive tract is about 2 meters long. Male elephants, titled bulls, start producing sperm 'tween 10 and 15 old age of age, sometimes even aboriginal in zoos.

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Elephant Facts and Information

GENUS : genus elephas Maximus (largest elephant) COMMON NAME : Asian or Indian Elephant CLASS : class ORDER : Proboscidae FAMILY : family elephantidae Height: 2.5 TO 3.0 M (At The Shoulder) Length: 5.5 TO 6.4 M Weight: Males – 5,000 kg Females – 3,000 kg The inhabitant elephant is second solitary to its African relation (Africana Loxodonta) as the largest of all physical object animals. They have a deeply lobed forehead with a prominent twin domed crown. The elephant has a highly improved brain, which is the largest of all land mammals.

Asian Elephant Fact Sheet


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